Wednesday, December 10, 2008

while you were sleeping

portland at night
Portland at night
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I scored free tickets to a press screening of the movie Valkyrie coming out on Christmas Day. Seriously, the Oregonian’s own Shawn Levy was sitting right behind me. Tom Cruise plays *gasp* a Nazi – albeit a good Nazi who tries to save the day but we all know how that story ends. Tom didn’t even pretend to put on a German accent. Just Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise. And the rest of the Nazi officers had lovely English accents because they were all English actors. I say, wait for the dvd. It’s certainly not the feel good movie of the year if you know what I mean.

Walking back to my car I noticed an exceptionally well-lit scene up ahead along with the fragrance of raw sewage. Although it looked like it could be a movie night shoot it was in reality a couple of good natured guys working on the pipes of Portland. Pipes of Portland…hmmm…another blog perhaps? I think not. But it got me thinking about the people who toil away while we sleep, safe and sound in our warm beds.

portland at night

Do think about the people who work at night?


Nan said...

I expected as much from Tom Cruise. I've had a fairly consistent Cruise avoidance going on for years. (one exception.....The Last Samurai.)

I'll bet the sewer workers never had anyone take their picture like that before. Seriously cool.

Kat said...

I work at night. So....I'm right in there...commuting home at midnight in the dark. I saw the previews for the Tom Cruise movie but it looked like total crap. It bothers me when they don't try to put on an accent or at least do a couple of scenes in the native language then switch over to accents.