Wednesday, December 17, 2008

baby, it's cold outside

portland oregon at night
Portland at night
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It’s been frightfully cold around these parts. Ice, snow, bitter wind. You name it and we've had it these past few days. It's been too cold to venture out at night. But I did anyway. Last night. And almost froze my fingers off. Seriously. I got an inkling of what it must be like to suffer frostbite. I thought my newly knit fingerless mitts would be sufficient but my fingers were close to numb in a matter of minutes.

Adding to my little adventure I was actually stalked for the first time. I was by myself, P. having been hurt in a fall and unable to accompany me. A car drove slowly by, stopped, drove in reverse and then thick head, with the car window down, stared at me. Frozen. We both froze.
portland oregon at night

I thought to myself should I ask “Can I help you?” No. That’s a stupid question to ask my would-be rapist. Finally I asked, “What do you want?”

“Is my truck” he said in a thick accent.

I collapsed the tripod and moved on. My fingers were frozen solid at that point anyway.

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