Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Solstice

portland at night
Portland at night
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The reports on the news are saying this is the severest storm the area has seen in 50 years. The most snow. The lowest temps. It’s shattering all records. Crazy in light of the fact that winter officially began today. At first I cursed this storm. Such a struggle trying to stay warm. Max stuck in Minneapolis overnight trying to fly home. The constant anxiety of dollars going out without the comfort of dollars coming in. The economy is in the toilet and just getting worse. It looks bleak. Honestly, a storm like this a nuisance to say the least.

And yet…how does the saying go? It’s always darkest just before dawn?
portland at night

So today I’m quietly celebrating the darkest day of the year. Starting tomorrow the light will increase ever so slightly; imperceptibly until June when I’ll celebrate another solstice. Rejoice I say. Things can only get better.


Kendall said...

Beautiful pictures, as always, Chris. This is my first winter in Portland, and I'm dazzled by how beautiful it is. Fortunately my apartment is cozy and warm, and nobody in my life is trying to get here, so I can just bask in the beauty of it. I went walking in it today, and the layer of ice on top of all that soft snow made it like walking on creme brulee, crack, crack! The ice shells on every branch of every tree...the glitter of holiday lights on the snow...the kids on sleds...the skiers on city streets...I'm dazzled. And I wish you coziness, the arrival of anybody you want to arrive, and more opportunities for gorgeous pictures. You're my absolute favorite photographer of Portland at night.

Nan said...

Well put. And lovely photos.

Michael5000 said...

Your night photos are teh cool. I'm loving this blog!