Thursday, November 20, 2008

random order

portland at night
Portland at Night
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My favorite coffeehouse in town is random order. I don't know what they do to the coffee but it's simply the best in town and I've tasted the coffee all over Portland. Like a lot of folks in the PNW, I am addicted to coffee. Some here call it "liquid sunshine". I think that all (or most of) the independent coffeehouses in town are using stumptown roasters and so does the random order but there is just something different, and something special about the way it tastes. Maybe it's the love they pour into every cup. Ok now I'm getting a little carried away with myself. Spreading it on a little thick like strawberry jam as my friend Roy would say.

They're not just a coffeehouse either. RO is also a bakery creating outstanding pies and I LOVE pie. They carry both sweet and savory varieties but my favorite is the flirty berry. This pie has a bite to it. There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with my americano and a thick slab of berry pie. Pure bliss.

portland at night

The random order is located at 1800 NE Alberta Street at 18th and Alberta and they're open until 11pm so you can even take a date there. Great caffienated fun.


anotheryarn said...

Oh reading this now is just so ironic. The week you posted this I had friends in town, friends who like to go out for pie and I couldn't think of any place to go.

April said...

i noticed you had a shot of the montgomery ward building---surely you're tried the coffeehouse northwest @ trinity and burnside (near PGE Park)? GREAT coffee. no pie, though.