Monday, February 16, 2009

Still experimenting with Portland at night

barber shop on Broadway in Portland
Barbershop, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I'm still playing with the idea of a portfolio site and a new, "improved" blog. Based on some feedback I received regarding my last blog post, I've been re-thinking the whole idea. I hastily put together this viewer at my old, old (over 10 years) website, heavy duty design. As, always I'd love to know what you think.

Your feedback - good, bad and/or constructive - is always welcome. Thank you for your patience while I work things out.


Rantz said...

I love your photography and will continue to visit your sites - I don't care so much for the "tilt viewer", though. Your work is grand enough on its own - doesn't need that flashy display.

mehitabel said...

Okay, the viewer over "there" gave me vertigo, and I couldn't see the pictures. It wouldn't stop moving long enough for me to click on one to see if it would stop and enlarge!
I like this blog's format. I'd love to see the pictures you take, and maybe a little writeup about it as well. I'm pretty much a creature of the night, condemned by age and infirmity to being homebound at night, so something like this really tugs at my heart.

Keli said...

I too love your photos, and the stories that go along with them. Not a big fan of the tilt viewer, while cool it doesn't allow me to ponder your pictures without the flip or centred pointer.

Doug Richardson said...

Chris, the concept is good, but I have to agree with the others that the "tilt viewer" is a distraction. I prefer something strait forward that lets your photos be the stars.