Saturday, January 10, 2009

Portland at Night: Hawthorne Bridge

I love the Hawthorne Bridge almost as much as I love the Steel Bridge. I love the Hawthorne Bridge because every night it 's a vibrant hub of human activity humming with the noise of human movement in all it's various forms. I say humming because the bridge isn't solid pavement. The deck is constructed of open steel grating, which is lighter, allows the rain to fall through and "sings" from the sound of vehicle tires. This information was gleaned from the Portland Bridge Book by Sharon Wood Wortman.

Yes, you can be entertained by this bridge all night long just watching the many cars, buses, pedestrians and especially bicycles cross it. More bikes now than ever before. Did you know that the bridge officially opening in 1910 - the same year the Boy Scouts of America and the NAACP were both founded? All true my friend. All true.

hawthorne bridge portland oregon

From Wortman's book, I also learned about Dr. J.C. Hawthorne (1819-1881) who moved to Oregon and founded the Oregon Hospital for the Insane in 1859. At that time the hospital was located on Asylum Street in East Portland, which was, renamed Hawthorne Street in 1888, five years after the hospital was moved to Salem. Dr. Hawthorne is buried in Lone Fir Cemetery in Southeast Portland. Bloc 8M, Lot 44, Grave One North.

Just thought you'd like to know.

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