Friday, July 3, 2009

The Made in Oregon sign set to change soon

made in oregon sign portland oregon
made in oregon, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

Some of you may have heard that a local landmark will be changing...again. The “Made in Oregon” sign, which once read “White Stag” will soon simply say “Oregon” in deference to the University of Oregon who happens to own the building on which the sign sits. There was a bit of political theater in the city of Portland and some debate but a compromise was reached. My fellow night photographer, Doug Richardson, also mentioned the upcoming change to the sign along with some of his signature black and white shots.

It's funny how two photographers can shoot the same subject and get completely different results. I'm constantly amazed. You wouldn't think that something as static as the "Made in Oregon" sign could yield such varied creative interpretations and yet it does.